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Excerpt – eduroam end user obligations

End user obligations

a. The User is liable for any network actions taken after an authentication with the User’s credentials. If there is a suspicion that the credentials may have been compromised and can be used by a third party, the User is required to notify his/her home institution; if this requirement has not been fulfilled, the User remains fully responsible for any damage caused by either actions or negligence of persons using the User’s credentials. Contact details are available from the eduroam service page of User’s home institution.

b. The User (following  the guidelines of his/her home institution) should use best endeavours to verify the authenticity of the eduroam resource before his/her credentials are submitted.

c. The User should be aware of the fact that guest usage of eduroam is recorded in system logs of both the service provider and his/her home institution.

d. The User must act pursuant to provisions of local law and local regulations of the service provider whose network the User is accessing.

e. The eduroam User is allowed to use guest access exclusively for his/her own needs.